The nature of collab

I am indeed a selfish artist.


I work by myself in fear all things that aren’t my creative process. I sometimes work with others but rarely. I continue in not only a selfish manner but in a shy manner, a curious manner and a practical manner. In working alone you are free to create when the time comes, you a free to explore far reaching ideas without embarrassment or judgement. However collaboration is one of the most important aspects of being creative and creating strong work. The significance of blunting a personal influence with others is astounding. On a most point, a strong collective of artists is far greater than one brilliant artist. Dadaists believed that the value of art lay not in the work produced, but in the act of making and collaborating with others to create new visions of the world.

Here is a collaboration between Patti Smith, who is a strong feminist punk poet figure of the early new york scene and Kevin Shield, guitarist and songwriter of My Bloody Valentine and considered the key founding figure of shoegaze. His visionary guitar playing coupled with her spoken word is such a strong combination. Before I knew of this, I would never have guessed that these two would work together.



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