Here are my passing thoughts on risk and art.


Being an artist for a living, asks the art you create to sustain you financially. A risk of the creative process is in-authenticity, with in-authenticity comes risk of your art being unsuccessful, passable and unprofitable. Without taking a risk, where would natural progression in art forms come from?

By taking these ‘risks’, obviously doesn’t mean everything will be affecting and authentic art or worth and longevity. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called a risk?! ha

A lot of times an artist will take massive risks and reap no reward. They help in the evolution of their art form but are forwarded and popularised by more stable ‘business savvy’ contemporaries.

Like love, art relies on time, care and attention. The risks are great and sometimes can not be avoided.

Success in art is not really obvious or concrete. Success can be delayed, unknown or misinterpreted. Critical success, peer hype, commercial rewards and global reach can have both positive and negative sides.


wig out on this J.Z




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