Christian Marclay is a New York based sound and video artist who is best known for his explorations in the experiementing with existing art and pop culture and turning into something completely different. He mixes his avant-garde musicianship with performance art creating unique musical pieces. Marclay has been experimenting with vinyl records and turntables since the late 70’s, using this medium as an improvisational musical instrument. This work with vinyl records and turntables has been said as the birth of turntablism, influencing many genres and generations to come. Marclay has shared the stage with big names in avante-garde film and music including experimental rock band, Sonic Youth and free jazz legend, John Zorn. His 2010 film The Clock is considered a modern masterpiece. Marclay’s avant-garde approach was to attract questions of where, both serious art and pop culture begins and where it ends.

A piece I really love is called Guitar Drag, which is a video where Marclay drags a plugged in electric guitar from behind a truck on a gravel road. The guitar roars and whines and is a strangely emotive and musical piece.



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