Guest Artist

I never knew who the guest artist was. I didn’t attend the lecture.

So I will write about another artist!

Joshua Foley.


Joshua Foley is a friend of mine. He is from my hometown of Launceston, Tasmania and currently works from there.

He won the John Glover Prize (The highest art prize in Australia) winning $35,000. His work is heavily layered and vividly colourful paintings.

The hallucinatory nature of his work makes for a hypnotic sitting. I find his work very ‘wet’, the paint seems like it is about to drip on to the floor and that the colours will continue and the shapes will forever squelch and transform together.


Here is some examples of his work.


He is also the only person I know who actually makes a living from their creative pursuits

This is what he says:

‘Paint is by nature and definition a mutable substance and it continually suggests to me analogous forms, materials, movements, cultures, territories and patterns. I aim to embrace and explore these tangents always seeking and sometimes discovering like a scientist further directions to push my work in so that it provides an increasingly stimulating and invigorating experience for the viewer’  Josh Foley, 2014.


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