I have played in bands for years and am now performing solo.

I have played at festivals and venues in Melbourne and Tasmania.

I have a psychedelic rock radio program on PBS 106.7fm.

I have almost finished my Bachelor of Creative Arts Industries.

My artistic goal is finding my own place between noisey experimentation with contemporary  music. I find pleasure in sounds and ideas that have a psychedelic edge. I find the idea of scratchy and spontaneous work more appealing than slaved over and polished works. I don’t want my music to sound similar to others and by hastily home recording it. I feel I get more of myself on there than if I was to over think or over produce it.

Nearly all of my published material is improvised and unfinished (with intention to be finished but I know it won’t be).



I have several short and long term goals, all to my mind obtainable. I recently achieved a long term goal of mine, which has bled into lots of new goals and opportunities. I have a regular spot on PBS 106.7, a musically diverse and genre based community radio station in Melbourne. Through PBS, I have landed a lot of DJ work in bars around Melbourne, I would like in the short term to get a couple of regular nights. The money is great, the work is easy and I get free beer. I would love to start getting better DJ work. Recently I saw one of the girls from PBS got a DJ slot in the states at a festival in New Orleans. That made me start thinking about applying for spots at local music festivals such as Meredith and Golden Plains.

My main goal is to start travelling as a record collector and in turn being an income. I recently went to Thailand and went through weird second hand markets and peoples house trying to find old records. At one market there was this man who had a van full of old vinyl, he invited me to look through it and he offered me a beer so I accepted. He then put a handgun in my hand and said it was very cheap. It was very weird and sinister. However I came back with about 20 long play and 40 or so 7 inches, most of which are playable and some very good and some excellent.  I want to start doing that a lot more. Eventually I might write about these travels to find records, because just in Thailand I found myself in a lot of odd situations purely trying to get records.

As far as making music goes, I am not too fused about that being some kind of income. I play for enjoyment and playing live is a thrill. That being said, I still would enjoy getting a little extra money. I did play at a music festival in Tasmania a couple of weeks ago. Was fun. I would like to start applying for grants to upgrade some equipment I have in order to record at a higher quality. I do like the DIY aesthetic, however my microphone cost $20 and it is 5 years old and the 8-track I record on has a light that flashes while it records and it affects the sound. I would also like to have enough money from a grant to put out a 7inch single. My music is instrumental and psychedelic, not really hit material, however I think someone will like it especially if it is put down on wax. I am unsure how successful I would be to get a grant due to I have not built up a fan base or made any real effort to push my music out there..  I do have a serious long term goal towards bettering myself as a musician.